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Kickstarter for Star Bastards



I’ve just launched a Kickstarter for Star Bastards, you can check it out here if you’re so inclined :

This is for the digital and print editions of the book. After the kickstarter physical editions will begin appearing in the store as well so if you’re interested in that grab it on the kickstarter or maybe hold off on purchasing until then. All physical versions have the digital stuff bundled in so you get both.

For anyone who already has the digital edition of Star Bastards, you’ll get any digital stretch rewards unlocked by the Kickstarter for free so check back here in about a month to see if anything’s been unlocked.

If you want more information about what’s going on with Two-Fisted Fantasy then you can either loiter here or join the facebook group :

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Star Bastards Launch

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Two-Fisted Fantasy’s first* title, “Star Bastards”. It’s an old-fashioned chase through a section of the universe populated entirely by felons, crooks and beings only out for themselves. You can play as the Ten-Foot Space Exploration Pole and outrun the law, or serve as the lawdog sworn to bring him to justice. Fly, fight, blast and sleaze your way to victory!

Anyway it’s a 340-page, 400 paragraph adventure with multiple endings, almost 50 items, 8 co-pilots with special abilities that can change the course of the adventure and a nifty cast of some of the biggest alien scumwads this side of NGC 3115. The digital edition is a fully hyperlinked PDF with 32 full-page illustrations and it comes with the PDF version of the card deck (also bookmarked for ease of use) and a handy printable reference booklet which also contains a print-formatted adventure sheet so you can still play along with pencil and paper.

Check it out in the store, it’s £7.99 (about $12). There’s also a kickstarter which I’ll launch next week, so maybe if you want a printed version hold off until then (you get the digital version bundled in with the print version anyway) but if you want to dive in and don’t care about paper then you could do that right now.

You’re already at the store but if you wanted to you could join the facebook group at  or maybe the Patreon to keep up to date with the latest.

Also I intend to be at The UK Games Expo in Birmingham this June with a couple of hardcopies of the book, so if you’re interested in checking it out and happen to be in the area just drop me a line in the comments here or wherever.


*the real first title will always be Sword of the Bastard Elf, even if it takes a while to get it back into print!

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Two-Fisted Fantasy


Welcome to Two-Fisted Fantasy, the place to go to find out all the latest Two-Fisted Fantasy news and also buy things related to Two-Fisted Fantasy.

Two-Fisted Fantasy is a gamebook series. For those of you not in the know but yet still on this site, gamebooks are a cross between a choose-your-own-adventure and a board game. You jump around the book based on the choices you make and fight battles and overcome challenges based on the rules given at the start of the book. These kinds of books were pretty huge in the 80s, especially in the UK, Australia and bits of continental Europe. This form of entertainment was largely wiped out by the growing sophistication and popularity of computer games but it’s making a comeback lately.

Coming real soon : the Two-Fisted Fantasy, Star Bastards. The digital version will be available on this site from May 8 and a physical version will be along following a kickstarter which should kick off at roughly the same time.

In the meantime the store will contain some free downloads and probably a link for buying t-shirts, if that’s a thing you want.

If you have any questions drop me a line : send an email to and I’ll get right back to you.

You can also check out the Facebook page at