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Two-Fisted Fantasy


Welcome to Two-Fisted Fantasy, the place to go to find out all the latest Two-Fisted Fantasy news and also buy things related to Two-Fisted Fantasy.

Two-Fisted Fantasy is a gamebook series. For those of you not in the know but yet still on this site, gamebooks are a cross between a choose-your-own-adventure and a board game. You jump around the book based on the choices you make and fight battles and overcome challenges based on the rules given at the start of the book. These kinds of books were pretty huge in the 80s, especially in the UK, Australia and bits of continental Europe. This form of entertainment was largely wiped out by the growing sophistication and popularity of computer games but it’s making a comeback lately.

Coming real soon : the Two-Fisted Fantasy, Star Bastards. The digital version will be available on this site from May 8 and a physical version will be along following a kickstarter which should kick off at roughly the same time.

In the meantime the store will contain some free downloads and probably a link for buying t-shirts, if that’s a thing you want.

If you have any questions drop me a line : send an email to and I’ll get right back to you.

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