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Star Bastards update

Howdy! The Kickstarter for Star Bastards went really well and I used most of the profits to lay in extra inventory. I’m sending out the final rewards now and as soon as all the backers get what they pledged for I’ll start selling the physical books and cards here for anyone who missed out.

Stocks will be limited but I’ll replenish depending on how they sell. I am thinking of selling the book and cards through DriveThruRPG  especially as they now have a card printing service, but I’ve really worked to get the printing quality top notch on the ones I’m selling through here. Consider the copies you can get here the definitive edition – they cost more but they’re goddamned nice if I say so myself (though I’m sure DriveThruRPG know their stuff).

Anyway thanks for checking the page out, check again soon for more products because they’re coming.



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