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Gamesfest 2016 was really cool! If you stopped by my stall, thank you. It was my first time selling at a convention and I enjoyed all the conversations I had immensely.

I decided to sell my remaining stock of Star Bastards for £8 for the book and £7 for the cards (£15 for the bunch). When I got home I realised that was a hell of a lot lower than my web site prices which, despite recent price drops, are still way above the prices on Amazon or DriveThru.

So, I’m lowering my price here too to match the Gamesfest prices (though you still gotta pay for P&P or I’ll go broke). This should be the best possible deal for anyone in the UK. Although the cards and book are cheaper from DriveThru the cards ship out separately from the states, cost more to post than to print and take a long time to arrive.

I’ve wrestled with international shipping here but couldn’t get it to make sense no matter which way I turn it. Anyway, if you’re from outside the UK may I direct you to my DriveThruRPG store where you can get the book and cards without going bankrupt from shipping fees. If you absolutely insist on spending that kind of money here please get in contact with me by email at and we can work something out.

Anyway get them while the getting’s good!