Star Bastards – Digital Edition

Two gamebook adventures done in the old style. Choose from one of two characters, customise their skills and abilities, select a co-pilot and your starting items and speed off on an interstellar chase.

400 paragraphs, 100,000 words, 32 full-page illustrations and comes in a fully hyperlinked and bookmarked pdf for your reading enjoyment. Also includes a pdf version of the item and crew card deck and a quick reference guide.

Newly improved and updated from the successful Kickstarter campaign – it now comes with a 16-page lore book, colourised cards, Excel/Open Office adventure sheets and some wallpapers (see the free Star Bastards Support Pack for details).

It’s not incredibly violent for a choose your own adventure book but there’s a fair amount of swearing and some general destruction, mayhem and fisticuffs. It’s probably not suitable for younger children.

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Product Description

Front Cover SB

A high-speed pursuit along the derelict starlanes of Route 66³!

The Space Exploration Pole has run afoul of the powerful star-spanning Conglomerate and the lawdogs are on his trail. Help him evade justice or ride shotgun with the cop sworn to bring him in. Either way it’s a two-fisted, white-knuckled chase through the most dangerous and derelict part of the galaxy, chock full of memorable characters, scheming aliens and deadly traps.

You call the shots: fly, gamble, fight and sleaze your way to freedom or victory in this Two-Fisted Fantasy adventure! Inside you’ll find a complete set of rules for racing along the starways and thumping the denizens of the Star Bastards universe: all you need to provide is a couple of dice and your two rock-hard fists!

This Two-Fisted gamebook is a full-scale gamebook adventure of the kind you might remember from a long ways back. 400 paragraphs and 100,000 words packed full of adventure, interesting characters and action-filled alien locations. Two complete adventures in one, with a large selection of co-pilots and items to ensure replayability. Inside you’ll find 32 full-page illustrations, a bunch of smaller graphics and 20 or so pages of rules and fluff. The whole thing is hyperlinked and bookmarked throughout for your comfort.

This is for sale exclusively on DriveThruRPG so click through and grab a copy from there. The Digital Edition comes complete with a nifty PDF version of the item and crew card deck and a quick-reference booklet, as well as a full-colour lore booklet detailing some of the places and people you’re going to run into and some other small gifts for you to enjoy, all of which can be found here.



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