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Star Bastards – First Run/Lightly Damaged stock


Two gamebook adventures done in the old style. Choose from one of two characters, customise their skills and abilities, select a co-pilot and your starting items and speed off on an interstellar chase.

400 paragraphs, 100,000 words, 32 full-page illustrations and comes in a fully hyperlinked and bookmarked pdf for your reading enjoyment. This print edition comes with a pair of bookmarks, one of which doubles as an adventure sheet.

This comes with a 16-page lore book, a pdf version of colour card deck, Excel/Open Office adventure sheets and some wallpapers (see the free Star Bastards Support Pack for details).

It’s not incredibly violent for a choose your own adventure book but there’s a fair amount of swearing and some general destruction, mayhem and fisticuffs. It’s probably not suitable for younger children.

Please note : this is for the limited number of test-run and damaged stock I have on hand. See the full product description below for details.



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Product Description


A high-speed pursuit along the derelict starlanes of Route 66³!


Star Bastards was complete by the time I began the Kickstarter back in May 2016. Well, nearly. I’d run off a few copies to make sure the printing would turn out well and so I’d have something to show in the Kickstarter video. Shortly after printing I found a few issues with the text and playtesters pointed out some stuff that needed to be tidied up, so the version that went out to backers was not completely the same as the ten copies or so I’d ordered as a first run.

Also I have a couple of books which I’ve lugged places and got slightly bent out of shape. Nothing serious – just a crease in the cover – but I’m also not gonna sell those for full price.

Anyhow if you want a piece of gamebook history or just want a cheap gamebook, here’s your chance! These are going for £5 each and come with a download code for the PDF at DriveThruRPG. Even with postage this works out to roughly the same price as that PDF on its own. If you get the test print version there are a few updates covered here . Regardless of whether you get the test or the slightly damaged versions the print quality is excellent, they’ve got the same illustrations and are essentially the same book as what everyone else has.

There aren’t heaps of these and once they’re gone hopefully I won’t be damaging any more. Please indicate whether you’d want the creased or the test version in the note section when you order.

On purchase I’ll also email you the discount code for DriveThruRPG, and I’ll mail you out a couple of bookmarks and a copy of Space Exploration Quarterly with the book as well.


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