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Star Bastards – Card Deck

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Two gamebook adventures done in the old style. Choose from one of two characters, customise their skills and abilities, select a co-pilot and your starting items and speed off on an interstellar chase.

400 paragraphs, 100,000 words, 32 full-page illustrations and comes in a fully hyperlinked and bookmarked pdf for your reading enjoyment. This premium print edition comes with a pair of bookmarks, one of which doubles as an adventure sheet.

Newly improved and updated from the successful Kickstarter campaign – it now comes with a 16-page lore book, a pdf version of colour card deck, Excel/Open Office adventure sheets and some wallpapers (see the free Star Bastards Support Pack for details).

It’s not incredibly violent for a choose your own adventure book but there’s a fair amount of swearing and some general destruction, mayhem and fisticuffs. It’s probably not suitable for younger children.



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A complete deck of item and crew cards for the Two-Fisted Fantasy sci-fi adventure, Star Bastards!


Star Bastards plays well on its own but for the whole Two-Fisted Fantasy experience I recommend you pick up this deck of cards as well. The 8 co-pilot and 44 inventory cards make managing your crew and items a snap, plus with full-colour illustrations and printed on premium non-slip card stock these things look good on the table too. They’re a real time saver whether you’re using the printed book or the digital version. In a pinch they can even be used for a game of Space Whist.

These are the same as the version produced for the Kickstarter campaign and are the highest quality print available. They come in a nifty Star Bastards green tuckbox too. Stocks of these are limited!

If you’d prefer (or are in the USA in particular) I recommend you pick up a copy of the cards from DriveThruRPG to save on shipping costs. The cards themselves aren’t as expensive either (though they’re not on the same premium card stock and don’t come in the custom tuck box, but they’re still really good).


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