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Star Bastards – Print Edition


Two gamebook adventures done in the old style. Choose from one of two characters, customise their skills and abilities, select a co-pilot and your starting items and speed off on an interstellar chase.

400 paragraphs, 100,000 words, 32 full-page illustrations and comes in a fully hyperlinked and bookmarked pdf for your reading enjoyment. This premium print edition comes with a pair of bookmarks, one of which doubles as an adventure sheet.

Newly improved and updated from the successful Kickstarter campaign – it now comes with a 16-page lore book, a pdf version of colour card deck, Excel/Open Office adventure sheets and some wallpapers (see the free Star Bastards Support Pack for details).

It’s not incredibly violent for a choose your own adventure book but there’s a fair amount of swearing and some general destruction, mayhem and fisticuffs. It’s probably not suitable for younger children.



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A high-speed pursuit along the derelict starlanes of Route 66³!

The Space Exploration Pole has run afoul of the powerful star-spanning Conglomerate and the lawdogs are on his trail. Help him evade justice or ride shotgun with the cop sworn to bring him in. Either way it’s a two-fisted, white-knuckled chase through the most dangerous and derelict part of the galaxy, chock full of memorable characters, scheming aliens and deadly traps.

You call the shots: fly, gamble, fight and sleaze your way to freedom or victory in this Two-Fisted Fantasy adventure! Inside you’ll find a complete set of rules for racing along the starways and thumping the denizens of the Star Bastards universe: all you need to provide is a couple of dice and your two rock-hard fists!

This Two-Fisted gamebook is a full-scale gamebook adventure of the kind you might remember from a long ways back. 400 paragraphs and 100,000 words packed full of adventure, interesting characters and action-filled alien locations. Two complete adventures in one, with a large selection of co-pilots and items to ensure replayability. Inside you’ll find 32 full-page illustrations, a bunch of smaller graphics and 20 or so pages of rules and fluff.

This is the definitive print edition of the gamebook – it’s the same as the version printed for the successful Kickstarter. It’s printed on heavyweight paper and has an extra-thick cover compared to most POD titles. It most certainly has a heft to it. It also includes a couple of bookmarks (one of which has a re-usable adventure sheet printed on the reverse) and if you want the author will sign your copy for you.

Can be played on its own but I recommend you download the free Star Bastards Support Pack as well – it contains a bunch of stuff from the Kickstarter campaign like a pdf version of the colourised card deck and a quick reference guide.

I’ve lowered the price to match the new sales price on DriveThruRPG and Amazon. If you’re not from the UK shipping costs can be a bit steep so you might want to consider either of those options instead, though the paper and cover thickness are more like a normal book and less like something you could probably attack someone in.

On purchase I’ll also email you a discount code for a free PDF version on DriveThruRPG to add to your collection there.



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