Two-Fisted Fantasy Let’s Plays


A couple of PDFs of the Something Awful Let’s Plays that revived the public interest in Two-Fisted Fantasy.

Check them out at DriveThruRPG

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voidracerscover  sotbecover
DriveThruRPG now has three of the Two-Fisted Fantasy adventures that started it all. These should give you something to chuckle at if you’ve got nothing else to read.

The link will take you to the Two-Fisted Fantasy product list on DriveThruRPG where you’ll find The Sword of the Bastard Elf, Void Racers and Wizard of Warlock Tower all for free. These are the best available editions of these playthroughs online, and Sword in particular has been reworked so it’s properly hyperlinked throughout (the earlier version required the reader to dig through manually). Just set up an account there and download.

Please note: these are not playable gamebooks! These contain only the sections of the adventures as seen on the Something Awful forums, though that comes out to a few hundred pages over all. They might still entertain you if you’re short on things to do and they’ll give you some idea of what’s coming in the future from Two-Fisted Fantasy.


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