Two-Fisted Fantasy makes berserk, old-school adventure gamebooks & accessories

A gamebook is a cross between a regular book and a role playing game where you decide how the story unfolds by making choices and rolling dice. Thought extinct in the early 90s, Two-Fisted Fantasy has returned to the old ways but dialled everything all the way up and then broken the dial off and hidden it. So now there’s a slowly-growing catalog of new and hilarious gamebook adventures that you can hold in your hand and play, right here in the 21st century.

Two-Fisted Fantasies are no mere parodies of older gamebooks. While apparently sticking closely to the format established by Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf in the 80s and 90s, these books include a bunch of mechanics which give you far more control over how you approach the obstacles you’ll encounter. While success is by no means certain in any one play through, what does success mean anyway? Although luck plays a part, it’s up to you to decide how many of your resources you’re going to commit to any task or battle. Win or lose, those resources aren’t available to you later, so often it’s better just to slink off and try to find another way around.  The settings are unique and though some of the critters and characters may seem familiar to you, they’ll behave in completely unexpected ways until you get use to how the world works. Just like the original books they’re fully illustrated, sometimes in excessive detail, by the resident illustrator, S. Iacob, who vivdly brings Herman S. Skull’s worlds to life in colour and black and white.

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Some of the illustrations from the featured titles.