Star Bastards

Star Bastards

A high-speed pursuit along the derelict starlanes of Route 663!

The Space Exploration Pole has run afoul of the powerful star-spanning Conglomerate and the lawdogs are on his trail. Help him evade justice or ride shotgun with the cop sworn to bring him in. Either way it’s a two-fisted, white-knuckled chase through the most dangerous and derelict part of the galaxy, chock full of memorable characters, scheming aliens and deadly traps.

This is the first gamebook released by Two-Fisted Fantasy. Actually it’s two gamebooks, sharing a common theme and game mechanics- depending on which character you pick at the start you’ll experience a completely different side of the story. Choose your protagonist and their space ship, your co-pilot and your starting gear, pick up a couple of dice and zoom off into weird space. 

Details and fun facts:
  • 400 numbered sections
  • 100,000 words
  • 2 different adventures with their own branching paths, fiendish puzzles and multiple endings
  • 32 full page illustrations 
  •  Comes complete with rules for managing your character, your co-pilot and your ship through the challenges you’ll face: use them or feel free to disregard them as you wish
  •  Uses optional but very useful item cards, available as a free download or in printed form

Where to get it/more information:

DriveThruRPG for PDF and print versions (price from $2/£1.50 for the PDF to $9/£7 for the printed book, or get both for $10/£8)

Amazon US/Amazon UK also sells it for $10/£8.50

DriveThruRPG also carries the optional item card deck ($5 or £3.50-ish), the support pack including the cards in PDF form and some printable sheets (free), and the very optional Space Exploration Quarterly lore book (also free).