Two-Fisted Fantasy

Void Racers

Void Racers is an example of a “Let’s Play”, a kind of forums game. This will eventually be worked into a full adventure, time permitting (Star Bastards is set in the same universe and timeline, and was originally designed to be a short test of what would be required to make Void Racers). Void Racers features an incredibly complicated ruleset, hundreds of cards, and a totally unplayable but still readable and funny story which will hopefully be the basis of something someday.

In the Let’s Play the participants took the role of the Caiman Republic, a starfaring empire of aristocratic alligators piloting an AI-controlled starship with incredible powers which partly made up for the incompetence of the crew. Fleeing a planet-destroying evil they had to vie with three other alien species also attempting to flee in their super-powered craft, as well as numerous hazards along the way.

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