Wizard Progress

It’s slow! I’ve been busy with this and that and haven’t had a lot of space to work on the Wiz all that much. But I have done some stuff with it, so I’ll post about it here.

First of all it’s going to be a lot more focused than the Elf, which more or less let you do whatever you wanted. This time there’s a story that wants to be told and though you’ll still have a bunch of ways to experience that story, the plot is going to move along and carry you with it to a greater extent than the Elf. This might appeal to some and annoy others, but not every book can be hundreds of thousands of words long (not every book I write, anyway).

For people who’ve looked at the original let’s play, I’ve decided to do away with the “raising an army of the undead” angle. You’ll still be able to use your mysterious powers to either raise allies or tear off body parts to add to your mighty form, but instead of groups of the undead you’ll get to raise named individuals who will join your band of Skeletal Justice Warriors, each with their own distinct abilities and uses, and occasional branches in the book if you happen to have them with you.

With this it means the complicated army battles system I invented for the Let’s Play mostly to be annoying is out, and will be replaced with a “crew system” I’ve been working on for the next Bastards book and maybe Void Racers down the line. Instead of keeping track of crew stats you roll a die when you commit them to a task, and the roll indicates the extent to which they’ve succeeded in that task, but also the amount of time it’ll take before you can ask them to do anything like that again without a severe penalty. So will you use your guys to defuse a tricky situation, at the risk of having them clock out before a big fight coming round the bend? On the other hand (pun intended) extra limbs will never fail you but you might miss the moral support that comes with a group of undead work colleagues.

Anyway there’s still a long way to go so I should probably get on with it.