Never fear! I am still working on a thing. Two things, actually. They are not what you think.

Book 1, which will be short but punchy, is going to be worked on quickly and come out sooner rather than later. Not designed for much replayability, it will basically be a gag with a combat-based puzzle attached which you need to work out to progress the plot. Which is: you are a non-copyright infringing spaceman in the Space Naval Infantry, trapped in a grim one-warrior war inside the carcass of an alien-infested ship. You’re outnumbered but not outgunned: wearing a powered suit of armour the size of a family sedan and equipped with devastating weapons like the thermobaric furnace and the adaptable laser lance, it’s just possible that you can fight your way through the endless horde of terrifying and cunning alien adversaries and do your duty in the endless war to protect the United States of Humanity from extermination. But it’s a Two-Fisted Fantasy so you know. Expect a lot of rules with this one, it’s complicated! It won’t come with a deck of item cards this time because I don’t want to do that with this book. I haven’t decided if I will kickstart it or not for local/collectable printing. It will be economical for a change.

Book 2 is going to be a western. It’ll come out later. I haven’t decided if this one will be part of the Bastards trilogy, but probably. This will be normal length (about 400 paras) and involve a deck of custom printed cards which will replace the usual dice rolling mechanic, but that’s really just for collectors. You will be able to play this one with a regular deck of cards without any problems.

Ok back to it!